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Stacy Infantino



My Story

I have a three-year-old daughter and live in Louisburg, NC. I have a full-time job in real estate but am an Independent Scentsy Consultant on the side. I love getting discounted products and helping friends and family find products they love!

I've been using Scentsy since getting hooked on it in 2016! I currently have several full-size warmers in my home along with wall warmers and Wall Fan Diffusers. I also have seasonal warmers that I bring out for every holiday (we take decorating for any holiday VERY seriously and our home is known as the Y'All-iday House since we go BIG!!!). The hubby loves Scentsy too! He has his favorite scents and even a Scentsy Bitty Buddy on his desk at work (he says he uses it for aromatherapy after a crazy day of meetings!) My daughter loves to help me change out the wax (which is a very big deal for a toddler). I love it because it's non-toxic and the warmers don't get too hot (in case she decides to touch one). After baby/toddler proofing a house (and pet-proofing) - I am all about safety. I think I’m a woodsy/bakery fan throughout the house now.

I learned about Scentsy through one of my clients. She is a Superstar Director with Scentsy and sent me the most amazing thank-you gift (at the time she also worked for my software client). She gave me Scentsy Go and Scentsy pods for when I travel since I hated how hotels always smelled. I found new favorites— Washer Whiffs, Dryer Disks, Counter Clean, Car Bars, and Scentsy Fresh. Using these great products made me want to make the leap and help others find things they love!

I am a creative by nature and OBSESSED with products. So getting to have a little something that is my own to have fun with has been an amazing experience.

What's warming in my home